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About us

We are passionate about preserving and cleaning the environment, while at the same time creating US jobs. We feel we can do this with our newly created, patent pending process.

9 Fiber LLC is made up of a group of environmentally conscious people who want to make the world a better place. Through our process, we want to make it possible to create high quality USA made goods, that will sell at highly competitive prices.

Interesting Facts

  • Our process makes it legal to transport MMJ green waste across state lines.
  • 9 Fiber's process makes all forms of the cannabis plant into unrecognizable bio mass.
  • We can process MMJ waste fibers all the way to the point of liquid cellulose.
  • Our patent pending flash process, destroys all the THC substances in MMJ waste material.
  • We take otherwise useless green waste materials, and turn it into ready to use raw materials.
  • Our process separates the fibers from the hurd. Both have a huge variety of industrial uses.

Latest Questions and Answers


1Is your process eco-friendly?

Yes. The harshest ingredient we use is hydrogen peroxide. According to the EPA, hydrogen peroxide "breaks down rapidly in the environment to oxygen and water".

2How much of the THC and CBD does your process remove?

Our patent pending process removes all THC and CBD's from all marijuana green waste material making it into unrecognizable biomass.

3What is the hurd, and what can it be used for?

The hurd is the core of the marijuana stock, and is used primarily for building material such as concrete or particle board.

4Aren't both hemp and marijuana federally illegal to transport across state lines?

Yes, that is correct. However, that is because marijuana and hemp both contain THC. Our patent pending process removes all the THC out of marijuana and hemp. making it legal to transport across state lines

5What are the different uses for the hemp fibers?

A variety of products can be made out of our processed marijuana fibers. From a large range of paper products, to textiles, plastics, and even fuels.

Adam Powars


I have a passion for cleansing the earth and creating US jobs.

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